Dear prospective customer

You will soon be able to pre-order the new CATWALK INTEGRAL.

It is a plug-in kit that you can install completely yourself - intuitively, up to higher floors, without the use of a ladder. Thanks to its (patent pending) design, it can also be conveniently sent by post.

The experience gained from building over 1,000 CATWALK ONE cat stairs was incorporated into the stairs. This means that it not only offers incredible flexibility, but can also be put together in an infinite number of configurations - child's play!
Whether outside or inside, it offers the ultimate in flexible uses for your cats. Whether as a pure cat staircase or an adventure park.

On the right you can see a sample design of the plug-in kit with a cover plate as a viewing platform, catwalk (individually extendable), exit platform from the balcony railing, for example, intermediate platform, railing and intermediate exit (individually extendable)

The CATWALK INTEGRAL is scheduled to be available from mid-2024.


CATWALK INTEGRAL - Advantages at a glance
  • 1. Suitable for outside
  • 2. Suitable for indoor use
  • 3. Aesthetic
  • 4. Best price/performance ratio
  • 5. High quality materials
  • 6. Weatherproof
  • 7. UV resistant
  • 8. Dimensionally stable column
  • 9. Colorfast, because solid material
  • 10. Colors can be combined
  • 11. Durable
  • 12. Flexible height
  • 13. Clamping technology without drilling
  • 14. Easy self-assembly
  • 15. Intermediate exits can be integrated at any step height
  • 16. Free grading levels
  • 17. Free adjustment of running direction
  • 18. Steps can be exchanged when assembled
  • 19. Steps with a predetermined breaking point as protection against burglary
  • 20. Step surface with anti-slip structure
  • 21. Interchangeable tread inlays with anti-slip to fur surface
  • 22. Railings
  • 23. Complete cover as fall protection
  • 24. Stair positioning to exit flexible
  • 25. Space-saving in use
  • 26. Switch between sloping catwalk and spiral staircase
  • 27. Footbridge can also be used without a spiral staircase
  • 28. Space-saving storage
  • 29. Simple postal delivery in packages
  • 30. Direct purchase with assembly
  • 31. Additional parts can be bought later
  • 32. Immediate shipping
  • 33. Very easy, damage-free disassembly
  • 34. Can be reused many times
  • 35. Colors can be adjusted in all individual parts when moving
  • 36. No moving costs
  • 37. Accepted by architects and administrations
  • 38. Perfect for installing cat parkour
  • 39. Stairs can mostly be installed without a ladder
  • 40. Comfortable step height
  • 41. No manual skills required

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CATWALK - the high-quality cat stairs up to 12 m height

Each cat staircase is made of high quality weather-resistant materials, so you will enjoy it for a long time.

Here are the most important features:


Steps in Bangkirai wood

Bangkirai is a noble hardwood, which is used by professionals for building terraces.


Very space saving

With a diameter of only 48 cm and the construction as a spiral staircase, CATWALK cat stairs can be used almost anywhere, even in confined spaces.



Catwalk can be retrofitted at 2 meters each. Are you moving and need a higher staircase? Simply reorder.


Simple design

The very simple design of catwalk stairs can be used almost anywhere, without ruining the view of the house. For every homeowner a real plus.

Double durability = half price

Conventional cat stairs are made of spruce wood in most cases, so these stairs have a shelf life of up to 10 years. In comparison, the CATWALK steps are made of bangkirai wood, with a shelf life of up to 25 years. The pillar made of stainless zinc steel sheet with the weather-protected wood core holds much longer.

Consequently, you can save money in the long term with a CATWALK Cat Staircase.


CATWALK at the LUGA 2017

An impressive experience

With our own booth we presented ourselves at the LUGA from 28.04. - 07.05.2017 and are really excited about the large number of interested parties.

And we were not only able to draw the attention of the visitors, but also Tele1, who interviewed us - in the following report.


Socially engaged:
CATWALK & zuwebe Zug

Make meaningful work possible

The steps of the cat stairs are made at the request of the carpentry of ZUWEBE.
The Zuger Institution offers various work and accommodation places for people with mental or psychological disabilities.

We appreciate this valuable cooperation and thank all the dedicated employees.



Depending on your needs, we can customize your catwalk cat staircase for you.
The following options are available for the cat stairs:


Pipe color

Uncoated or in your desired color


Height & wall distance

Up to 12 meters high and 2 meters wall distance


Direction of rotation & bridge

Left or right turn with cantilevered bridge up to 4 meters



Individual clamping technology without screwing to the facade


Ground fixing

Fixing against displacement with base plate


Separating / protective grid

Grid cover as safe routing or spatial separation


Intermediate platform

Can be mounted as a stopover or viewing platform at every step


V.I.P. Housing

The "private access" as protection against foreign cats

Cat Door

If you need a cat door to be inserted in a window, please contact a glazier at your location. He measures the window, orders the glass directly in the factory and then inserts it.
This saves costs and time.


The Bangkirai wood used for the CATWALK stairs has the international FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal for sustainable forestry.
For details see

  • Image
    “We would like to thank you for the noble cat stairs. Have already received compliments. Our tripod cat needed a bit of time but for a few days he uses it without any problems. :-) ”
    Sonja K.
    from Wollerau
  • Image
    “We leave everything as it is at the moment. These cat stairs seem to mean a lot to everyone !!!”
    Roman W.
    from Bäretswil (after consideration of a decommissioning since no more cat is in the household)
  • Image
    “Thanks for the fast delivery / installation. Looks great and we (including cat) are very satisfied :-) Our tiger uses the catwalk quite naturally and enjoys the newfound freedom.”
    Ronnie v. A.
    from Thunstetten
  • Image
    “The cats enjoy the up and down”
    Barbara P.
    from Schüpfen
  • Image
    “I highly recommend Catwalk. My cat loves the view”
    Sabine F.
    from Zürich
  • Image
    “...I just wanted to tell you, that your cat's staircase looks very beautiful and is admired by everyone and our cat is now busy using it.”
    V. Vonarburg
    from Bern

Not entirely serious


1158 stairs delivered | 26693 steps
Kilometers driven: 6.22 times around the earth | 194.45 km on average per customer | 24 cantons including LI
54 orders from architects/administrators/construction companies


The most CATWALKs are in:
City/Town: Zürich with 82 cat stairs
Canton: ZH with 419 cat stairs

Cumulative stair height CATWALK cat stairs: 5'539.84 m
114 m higher than der Popocatepetl - 5426 m (Sierra Volcánica Mexiko)

Next destination 102 m away: Elbrus - 5642 m (Kaukasus Russland)


Here you can see various cat stairs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein


In this video you can see how relaxed the cat uses the 8 m CATWALK cat stairs.

11 good reasons for a
CATWALK Cat Staircase

  1. 1


    Shelf life up to 25 years*

  2. 2

    Top price / performance ratio

    The sophisticated design makes it possible

  3. 3

    Noble design

    Looks very elegant on every facade

  4. 4

    Flexible height up to 10 meters

    Whether shortening or increasing, both is possible

  5. 5

    Tailor made

    Adaptation to every situation inclusive*

  6. 6

    Clamp technology

    No screwing to the facade necessary*

  7. 7


    Depending on requirements Ø up to min. 40 cm possible

  8. 8

    High-quality materials

    Powerful bangkirai wood and zinc tubes

  9. 9

    If necessary with protective housing

    ... and access control via chip control

  10. 10

    Interim exit possible

    ... whether on one or more floors

  11. 11

    Stairway production of fabric zuwebe

    With the purchase of CATWALK Cat Stairs, you have the opportunity to support (gainfully) impaired people who are actively and passionately involved in the production of stairs.

* Exceptional situations excluded

Buy cat stairs | Contact

Choose your CATWALK Cat Stair and you will get (if possible)
within a few hours
an individual,
tailor-made offer.

Please write your requirements in the message field.
I will find the right solution for you.

Select the following options for the standard model of your catwalk cat stair

Katzentreppe/Preise (Other heights on request)
Stair height up to the upper exit (can also be submitted later)
Oiled with bangkirai oil
per meter CHF 21.50
up to 6 m CHF 270.00
From 6.5 m + CHF 25.00 per half meter - in easy situations CHF 170.00
Delivery time
Tube color / price**

Standard zinc
no coating
CHF 0.00

RAL desired color
powder coating
CHF 53.00/m

graphite gray
powder coating RAL 7024
CHF 34.00/m

Pearl White
powder coating RAL 1013
CHF 34.00/m

powder coating RAL 1019
CHF 34.00/m

If necessary, select the following options as an extension

Wire grid shell
per meter CHF 45.00, Volume is determined by agreement

Intermediate platform
mountable to any step CHF 85.00

Intermediate exit
from CHF 145.00

V.I.P Housing
available from CHF 390.00
*In the standard zinc color, the pipes are uncoated. The pipes become darker over time. The RAL color scale can be found on the right.



CATWALK cat stairs are designed in such a way that when an adult climbs up, the steps break or the pipe kinks.

In principle, the insurance benefit from household contents insurance is guaranteed in the event of a break-in if the doors and windows are completely inaccessible and no one can gain access without using force.

However, we like to play it safe and help ensure that exceptional situations do not arise in the first place.

Salutation First name Last name Company
eMail Adress
Adress (Other location of the cat stairs - on request necessary for price calculation)
Inquiry or message
How do you know CATWALK?
An inquiry / order is binding only after an official offer that you receive from me by email.

Delivery within Switzerland
From CHF 700.- Order value Free delivery to 60 km of travel.

(Price update 02/2017)

Terms of payment:
Private persons: Payment in advance
(1158 satisfied customers = 100%)
Companys: Payment on invoice

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Markus Gehring
Phone +41 76 714 75 92



Download a stair picture for your layout

RAL color scale